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Molly Mueller Certified Life coach

"What I can promise you, is my genuine desire for you to grow and succeed. I will offer you a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and navigate this new season of life. I am confident, authentic, and practical. I will challenge and encourage you with empathy and honesty."

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What is Life Coaching
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My Story

Molly Mueller certified life coach and her family

Since I was a child, I have felt called to help others. From a young age, I was described as wise beyond my years and very intuitive. I have always loved to support, guide, and encourage others.


I earned degrees Psychology and Social Work from University of Wisconsin; and then worked at an in-patient psychiatric facility for a handful of years.

I spent several years in sales and sales management where I developed more coaching and leadership skills. In addition, I served as a youth worker at church for many years, where I continued to use my counseling, and coaching skills with high school students.

For my entire life I have been an avid horseman (woman). I have had the privilege of studying horsemanship with some of the best in the world. My husband and I owned and operated a horse boarding, breeding, and training facility for over 20 years. Every day I relied on my intuition, psychology and coaching to develop successful students – both horse and human!


For the last 20+ years, my husband and I have owned and operated a growing construction business. We strive to develop leaders in our team members and emphasize growth and development. We often mentor other business owners in the skilled trades, helping them define their mission; build better work/life balance and encouraging growth mindset.

Like almost everyone I know, I have gone through countless seasons in my life. I have experienced relocation several times. I weathered the season of divorce. I live in the space between parenting a teen and assisting aging parents. I have had career changes, lost loved ones, and am learning to live with an autoimmune disease. I have three times launched new businesses, so I understand the fears and challenges of being entrepreneur.

All that to say, I have been where you are!

How does it differ from counseling, consulting, and mentoring

There is often confusion around the difference between coaching, counseling, consulting, and mentoring. All are very valuable, and they each serve a different purpose.

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is generally focused on the past. It is about uncovering and healing past trauma. The counselor is the expert who guides a client through a healing and learning process.


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is an expert giving solutions to very specific problems or challenges. 


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is an expert on a particular subject from whom you seek guidance and insight.

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Molly Mueller certified life coach




is a process in which the client is the expert. A good Coach LISTENS, and asks questions, for the client to identify their own abilities, limiting beliefs, action plans. A coach partners with you as you explore ingrained assumptions, habits, and beliefs about your identity. A coach helps to challenge and encourage you as you take specific steps toward your goals.

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